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Hawaiian White Ginger
Hawaiian White Ginger
Hawaiian White Ginger
Hawaiian White Ginger
Hawaiian White Ginger
2020 Candle + Goods Co.

Hawaiian White Ginger

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Be whisked away to a floral paradise and aromatic journey to the Hawaiian Islands! This blissfully refreshing experience of scent begins with a revitalizing burst of uplifting orange notes, which are balanced and enriched with nuances of centering green tonalities. The sensory escape of pure tranquility continues with alluring auras of sensual rose, delightful hints of juicy grape, and breezy marine-like essences that calm the senses. This peaceful aromatic getaway winds down with a soothing base of soft musk, spice, and carefree caresses of light florals, for a wonderfully rejuvenating, and beautifully relaxing fragrance adventure! 

• 100% dye-free 
• 6oz tin - 3-inch wide 100% recyclable steel travel tin
• Approximately 25+ hour burn time, slow burning, all natural, biodegradable 100% soy wax - NO paraffin
• Phthalate-free fragrance
• Lead-free, cotton wick
• Hand-poured in Virginia, USA 

[Note Profile]
• Top Note: Oranges, Green notes
• Middle Note: Heart of Rose, Grape, Generic Marine notes
• Base Note: Dry down of Musk, Spice and light florals

• Trim your wick 1/4 prior to every burn
• Burn candle for a couple hours the first time to have a proper melting pool
• Keep out of reach of children and animals, and never leave unattended

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